Curt Harris, PhD, EMHP
Dr. Curt Harris

Director of IDM
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Coordinator


William C. Bell, PhD
Dr. William C. Bell

Senior Research Scientist Emeritus

Kelli McCarthy, MPS, CEM-GA, EMHP
Kelli McCarthy

Clinical Assistant Professor
Faculty Advisor, Disaster Dogs


Michelle Ritchie, PhD
Dr. Michelle Ritchie

Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Program Coordinator


Morgan Taylor, PhD
Dr. Morgan Taylor

Associate Director of IDM
Assistant Research Scientist
Assistant Director, UGA Medical Reserve Corps


Austin Dobbs, MA
Austin Dobbs

Emergency Preparedness Manager


Alyssa Ragan, MPH
Alyssa Ragan

Emergency Preparedness Manager


Kathy Shelnutt
Kathy Shelnutt

Administrative Grants Manager


Jim Zerylnick, RN, EMT-P, EMHP, CEM-GA
Jim Zerylnick

Director of Safety
Clinical Operations Manager


Erin Mumper
Erin Mumper

Public Relations Specialist


Deborah Herring, RN
Deborah Herring

Nursing Evaluator Coordinator


Donella Moore
Donella Moore

Administrative Coordinator


Iris Hector, MPA
Iris Hector

Administrative Specialist


Renee Morgan
Renee Morgan

EMS Crosswalk Coordinator


Kelly Nadeau, RN
Kelly Nadeau

Nursing Evaluator Coordinator


Graduate Certificate in Crisis, Risk, and Disaster Communication approved for Fall 2024

The University of Georgia has been approved to offer a Graduate Certificate in Crisis, Risk, and Disaster Communication (CRDC), a program that will educate students in skills needed for proactive,


Prepared For Whatever Tomorrow Brings

Elizabeth Hardister had her eyes set on getting a master’s degree from the University of Georgia Institute for Disaster Management (IDM) before she had even declared an undergraduate major. Her


You Don’t Have to be a Disaster Management Minor to Make a Difference

It’s a common misconception: disaster management is a one-minded field. A branch of public health, disaster management is nothing if not multidisciplinary. It is everywhere and in everything. Its principles