Preparing the World for What’s to Come

The Institute for Disaster Management (IDM) is a nonprofit institution within the College of Public Health at the University of Georgia. Our team is composed of disaster management professionals with a diverse set of educational and practical backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary approach, robust training and coordination, and customized, adaptable planning provide comprehensive, effective disaster management for all.

Natural, technological, and human-made disasters occur more frequently and impact more people than is often realized. Proactive preparedness and mitigation at local, state, and national levels offer the greatest opportunity to save lives and infrastructure in response and recovery. With this in mind, IDM offers the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities required to take action prior to and following a disaster.

IDM teaches in-person disaster management (DMAN) courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, offering one of the only Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees with a specific concentration in disaster management. IDM also offers a graduate certificate and an undergraduate minor in disaster management.

IDM has a substantial geographic reach and influence, partnering with organizations in Georgia, the United States, and around the globe. IDM works in tandem with communities, government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and others. Together we develop, implement, and deliver customized disaster education, training, planning, consulting, and support. This engaged outreach coupled with culturally competent curriculum and training qualifies IDM to provide expert disaster services to organizations across the State of Georgia, the United States, and the globe.

Since 2016, IDM has been located on the UGA Health Sciences Campus. The facility has an Emergency Operations Center, instructional space, and a laboratory. Find out more information about our academic programs, services and training courses, and current projects.


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