Training the Next Generation of Leaders

IDM serves to educate and prepare the next generation of disaster managers. We are committed to furthering the field of disaster management via research, knowledge, and training across the State of Georgia, the United States, and the globe.

Our disaster management programs are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students seeking to gain degrees, practical application skills, and a deeper understanding of the field. One of the strengths of our program is the diversity of our students’ and educators’ backgrounds that varies the perspectives of topics discussed in class.

IDM prepares students via experiential, hands-on learning techniques that develop critical thinking skills necessary to serve as professionals in the field. Our classes also provide students with discipline-specific certifications via professional organizations to further prepare them to enter the workforce. More information on each of our programs and about how to get involved at IDM is below.


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Elizabeth Hardister had her eyes set on getting a master’s degree from the University of Georgia Institute for Disaster Management (IDM) before she had even declared an undergraduate major. Her


You Don’t Have to be a Disaster Management Minor to Make a Difference

It’s a common misconception: disaster management is a one-minded field. A branch of public health, disaster management is nothing if not multidisciplinary. It is everywhere and in everything. Its principles


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Ansu Karim, MPH ’23 In February 2021, I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship through the U.S. Department of State to study for a master’s degree in the United States. It