Curt Harris, PhD, EMHP

Director of IDM
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Curt Harris is the Director of IDM, an Associate Professor, and Graduate Program Coordinator. He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Georgia College and State University and his doctorate in toxicology from UGA. He has held numerous faculty and staff positions at UGA over the last decade prior to being named Director.

As Director and associate professor, Dr. Harris oversees educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, sets the research and outreach agendas, and serves as the liaison between the college administration and external partners and IDM.

His current projects include being the principal investigator for the South Carolina Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Program, CNA Virtual Skills Evaluation, Nursing Home Strike Team, Emergency Preparedness for Community Health Workers, Southern Regional Disaster Response System, and Georgia Long Term Care Infectious Disease Educational Program.

He also is a professor for the Introduction to Disaster Management, Disaster Management for Public Health Professionals, Public Health Crises and Disaster Management, and Understanding Terrorism and Homeland Security courses. Dr. Harris has over 28 publications. One of his most recent papers, considerations for effectively disseminating mass notifications in healthcare settings, was featured in over 50 news outlets. In addition, Dr. Harris has been featured on CBS46, National Public Radio (NPR), and the Huffington Post.

In his free time, he enjoys coaching his sons’ sports teams, traveling, and spending time with family.