The CNA Virtual Skills Evaluation project is an initiative within the Institute for Disaster Management (IDM), developed to address the shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in the state of Georgia. The project grew out of IDM’s work on the CNA Career Pathway Initiative, where it was identified that the critical lack of CNAs in the state was due, in part, to barriers in the testing process. Through this project, IDM’s goal is to streamline the skills portion of the CNA testing process by utilizing a regulatory-compliant virtual evaluation platform.

Spearheaded by our qualified Nursing Evaluator Coordinators, skills evaluations are conducted in the facility/classroom of an approved Nurse Aid Training Program skills laboratory. Evaluations are proctored by a Registered Nurse of the facility training program, who operates the camera and assists with the validation of the measurement skills. Skills are chosen at random and evaluated based on certain criteria compliant with state and federal regulations.

It is our hope that virtually facilitating the testing process will reduce some of the barriers of entry to the CNA career path, therefore lessening the strain on resources and increasing the supply of qualified CNAs over time.

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