Job Openings at IDM

Administrative Specialist

Assist the Institute for Disaster Management (IDM) faculty and staff in support of general office management. This includes serving as a point of contact and liaison with internal and external constituencies; assisting Project Managers in coordinating, organizing and logistical planning for new and funded projects; providing meeting and calendar support, as needed; maintaining listservs; and ordering requisite supplies and equipment. Responsibilities include collecting and organizing data for reporting and planning, planning meetings and events, preparing electronic and print materials, and communicating clearly and professionally with a wide range of stakeholders. In addition, this position serves as the initial point of contact for visitors to IDM and will be responsible for operating the main telephone line.

The employee in this position will function within a complex research institute environment, which includes working with numerous government and non-governmental agencies in an academic setting. This position will be needed to manage – in a confidential manner – multiple projects, tight deadlines, scheduling, and correspondence with exceptional attention to detail. The position necessitates a self-starter who can stay focused with frequent interruptions, prioritize and manage assigned duties with accuracy, and work in a team environment.

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Business Systems Analyst

The Business Systems Analyst is a key role within the Institute for Disaster Management (IDM). This incumbent collaborates with management, stakeholders, and project teams to provide valuable recommendations and assist in the implementation of technical solutions and project process improvements. The Business Systems Analyst is responsible for developing data system environments that will support the modernization of IDM research and service projects. This individual is responsible for the management of sensitive data as part of ongoing research and service projects.

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