Current Projects

UGA IDM faculty and staff are working with state and community healthcare partners to ensure that our healthcare systems are prepared to handle any emergency, from an infectious disease outbreak to hurricanes.

The Georgia Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness Educational Program, funded through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Civil Money Penalty (CMP) funds, serves to enhance the preparedness and resiliency of long term care facilities in Georgia. Now on Year Two, the program offers both basic and advanced courses. Visit the program’s Facebook page for more information on upcoming trainings.

Through the Georgia Healthcare Coalition Assistance Program, the Institute also serves as the financial liaison amongst Georgia’s 14 healthcare coalitions, assisting in supply procurement, class and training course logistics, and travel assistance to increase preparedness efforts in each respective region.

The team at IDM has led the most extensive Ebola response exercise to date, with plans to further this effort in November in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Public Health during a four-day full-scale exercise, involving several southeastern states, to practice and prepare for the event of transporting an individual with Ebola.