The mission of this research lab is to foster an inclusive and supportive research environment among graduate and undergraduate students at UGA who are interested in engaging with topics related to climate change, disasters, and health.



Hope Grismer

Fall 2021-Expected May 2025
B.S. in Health Promotion, Disaster Management Minor
Interested in the effects of geographical and sociodemographic factors of the access to equitable and accessible healthcare for vulnerable populations and indigenous people, specifically in context of maternal/fetal healthcare.


Phoebe Milledge

Fall 2022- Expected May 2025
M.P.A. Candidate in Public Policy
Interested in the study of the environment’s impact on family well-being and community resilience, along with the use of GIS to study human geography over time. Current fields of study include family dynamics, human development, and environmental policy


Nina Novo

Expected May 2025
B.S. Health Promotion with an emphasis in Health Services
Interested in the role that Diabetes plays in minority and impoverished communities and how these communities are able to adapt to challenges in their environment.


Krisna Pandya

Expected May 2023 
B.S. Health Promotion and Behavior double minoring in Health Policy & Management and Disaster Management
Interested in emergency preparedness and how to improve health outcomes for women and children during disastrous events, specifically on a global scale.


Makayla Peebles

Fall 2022- Expected May 2024
M.P.H. Candidate in Disaster Management
Interested in the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations, specifically the toll these disasters play on their mental health. Also interested in PTSD research, specifically among firefighters and EMT/Paramedics.


Sloane Sengson

Fall 2021-Expected May 2024
M.P.H. Candidate in Disaster Management
Interested in the role that disaster management plays in health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations and underserved groups. Current fields of research include mental health, disability inclusion, sustainability, and emergency planning.


Max White

Expected May 2024
B.S. Atmospheric Science, B.S. Geography, A.B. Economics
Interested in using atmospheric science and geospatial analysis to better understand the impacts of natural disasters, especially in regards to rural communities in the Southeast US.



Ana Balthazar

Spring 2021
B.S. in Health Promotion, Disaster Management and Global Health Minors
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Kate Foral

August 2022
M.P.H. in Environmental Health
Interested in the interactions between humans and the environment, with a specific focus on climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, citizen science, and cave ecosystems


Olivia Low

December 2021
M.P.H. Disaster Management
Interested in emergency management in response to natural disasters due to the increasing prevalence of climate change. Also interested in hospital emergency management.


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